The company offers its services in a wide range. It focuses mainly on the urban road transport in cities and towns, traffic calming, traffic planning, transport concept, traffic surveys, traffic microsimulation, bicycle infrastructure designs, parking areas and infrastructure for pedestrians, urban centers adjustments, transportation terminals, transport solutions to business centers including parking, residential areas design, etc. Emphasis in the solution is placed on traffic safety in the street space, traffic flow and the resulting aesthetics. The street space is solved comprehensively - from the layout of traffic areas through architectural design to technical equipment, street furniture and landscaping.

We also provide consulting services in the frame of design preparation, advisory activities and projects cost estimation in all their phases. Execution of transportation structures is very often associated with impacts to environment. The company is always looking for technical solutions that would help to integrate environmentally acceptable solutions into construction plans. From the initial design phase, we evaluate negative impacts of road construction and look for ways to eliminate them. Our company co-operates also with a team of experts who specialize in the environment. We offer elaborating of anti-noise barriers and measures designs or elaborating of the EIA environmental impact assessments.